Make A Connection

Learn to think like your dog, understand his language, and make a connection that lasts a lifetime.

Build Confidence

Your dog looks to you to build her confidence. Learn how to master this very important skill.

Develop Trust

The cornerstone of any relationship is Trust. Without it, you will not have a solid relationship. Learn how to build trust with your dog.

Conscious Pack Leadership with Mary Ellen Walsh. Transforming the way we approach dog training

Mary Ellen Walsh teaches calm, assertive conscious pack leadership. With her unique ability to understand a dog's language and teach humans to begin to "think like your dog", Mary Ellen helps regular people forge lifelong relationships with their dogs, thus erasing frustrating and sometimes dangerous behavioral issues.

Since 1983, Mary Ellen has worked one-on-one with thousands of families with "dog behavior problems". With more than 30 years of experience, Mary Ellen is a renowned canine behaviorist, and champion AKC breeder.

Mary Ellen teaches her conscious pack leadership techniques in private sessions and group classes. Mary Ellen is also available to speak about issues related to dog behavior as a radio, television and media guest expert.

On-Site and Remote Services in the Following Areas:

Mary Ellen Walsh can come to your Connecticut home in: Litchfield, New Haven, and Fairfield counties. (Bethel, Bethlehem, Bridgewater, Brookfield, Danbury, Greenwich, Riverside, Darien, Westport, Weston, New Canaan, Newtown, Norwalk Oxford, Ridgefield, Roxbury, Sandy Hook, Washington, Woodbury.)

In New York: New York, Westchester, including Armonk, Bedford, Goldens Bridge, Mt. Kisco, Chappaqua, White Plains and surrounding areas.

If you do not live in any of these areas, contact Mary Ellen for remote training options. 

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Meet a few of the families that mary ellen has helped



Mary Ellen's family dog is a beautiful lab called Bravo. Bravo helps Mary Ellen teach other dogs and families who come to her for help what a true relationship between dog and human can look like. 



Gracie was a young puppy who was trained by Mary Ellen to become a loving family dog. One frigid East Coast Winter day, Gracie saved the life of the youngest member of her family, a young girl who had wandered out into the snow. Watch the incredible story of how Gracie saved the child's life on our Facebook page. 

Watch Gracie's Story



Lester's owner works full time in a big city, which means that he often has to spend hours at home by himself. Mary Ellen's teaching has helped Lester and owner adjust to this professional's lifestyle in ways that are incredible to see. He's a happy, healthy, well-loved, and obedient city dweller.



Sheila was an effervescent black lab puppy who was bred by Mary Ellen to be a champion. But a birth defect left her without a leg. Mary Ellen found a home for her with a child with MS. Watch the incredible story of Sheila on our Facebook page.

Watch Sheila's story


Patricia and Foxy the Terrier

Foxy the terrier (the cute little guy on the front step) was dealing with serious separation anxiety issues. He didn't want to see his person leave the house! Working with Mary Ellen, Foxy and his person learned new behaviors to counteract the unhealthy (and annoying) separation anxiety ones. 


Ned and Lola

These are a bonded pair of chihuahuas. Peeing in the house, excessive barking, pulling on the leash... you name it, these two challenged their owner with it! Mary Ellen taught Ned, Lola and their owner how to deal with each of these issues. Now they are part of a well-adjusted (and still snuggly) family-pack. 

Testimonials tell the story of Mary Ellen's Success

One session with Mary Ellen Walsh and my 10 year old Smooth Fox Terrier, with separation anxiety, was responding to my newly learned new behavior! Mary Ellen Walsh makes it so easy to understand ...she is a gem! I'm so fortunate I found her and so is my "Foxy"

P. Burgevin

I didn't realize what I was taking on when I agreed to rescue a bonded pair of chihuahuas. They wouldn't listen to anything I asked them to do, opting instead to pay attention to only each other! After working with Mary Ellen, I was able to build a relationship with each of my puppies individually, and once again I have a peaceful household. Thank you so much, Mary Ellen!

M. Lockwood

Mary Ellen Walsh is the real deal. My dog's excessive barking was so bad that I almost had to give her back to the SPCA. Two sessions with Mary Ellen taught me why my dog was barking excessively, and how to stop it. My stress has gone down, and I'm sure my neighbors are grateful, too. You can trust Mary Ellen like I did - you won't regret it. 

C. Schiffer

The best money I ever spent! Drago no longer jumps on my friends and family when they come through the front door. Mary Ellen taught me how to teach him not to do that. I highly recommend her services.

K. Blackley

Believe me when I say that life would be very different without Mary Ellen and her incredible dog (and human) training techniques. My entire family is happier for working with her, and I tell all my friends to contact her if they are having dog training problems. 

N. Johnson

I wasted money on other trainers who taught me techniques like how to get my dog to sit and stay - but never told me WHY or HOW those techniques worked. A couple of sessions with Mary Ellen taught me what I needed to know, and now my Yorkie Lester is the best behaved dog at the dog park. I look like a genius to my friends, but I know it's all due to Mary Ellen's teachings. 5 stars!

C. O'Donnell