Services | Training for all Breeds & Ages

Mary Ellen Walsh provides a non-threatening, non-intimidating method of training made easy by understanding canine behavior. It will help you to learn the non-verbal language of your puppy or dog and establish a new level of understanding and communication with your pet that you never thought possible!

Services | Training for all Breeds & Ages

Interactive Family "Counseling": Learn how to deal with your pet within the dynamics of your family.

Behavior Improvement: Walking on leash, jumping, nipping, barking, chewing, stealing, etc.. 

Puppy Consultation: House training, socialization, stages of development, what to expect for the first twelve months. 

Boot Camp: An exclusive opportunity for your dog to live and train with Mary Ellen. Our most popular service!

Phone consultations: Available in 30-minute sessions when in-home sessions are not feasible.

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