Conscious Pack Leadership by Mary Ellen Walsh

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Download my special eBook, Conscious Pack Leadership.

It’s available for immediate download, and will give you access to the decades of insight I’ve learned about how to create a new and lasting relationship with your dog.

In my Conscious Pack Leadership eBook, you’ll learn

  • The secret to building a rewarding relationship with your dog. This secret, once learned, will change the way you interact with dogs from this day forward. You will never be the same!
  • A dog’s body language and his non-verbal cues. Your ability to think like your dog by knowing his language will save you thousands of dollars in dog training, and I’ve laid it all out in this eBook.
  • How to recognize the feelings of fear, anger, joy, relaxation and acceptance in your dog. Your dog has some of the same types of feelings that humans do, and he’s sharing those feelings with you all the time!  
  • How to establish yourself as Pack Leader without resorting to yelling, hitting, or any other aggressive behaviors or “training paraphernalia” like choke collars or shock collars. In my Conscious Pack Leadership method, all “old school” aggressive dog training tactics are put where they belong… in the trash.
  • My patented 4-Step Conscious Pack Leadership Method. You won’t find this teaching anywhere else, and you’ll never look back once you master it!
  • Much, much more.This eBook represents 30+ years of wisdom I’ve gained from living, working and building friendships with dogs, and is available for immediate download now.

I have poured my heart and soul into these teachings, I hope you love them! Find me on Facebook or contact me on this website to speak to me directly, I’d love to connect. 

Your friend,

Mary Ellen Walsh

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